Stereo Terror: The Rosedales – Stereoghost

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Stereoghost
2) Stars Are Falling
3) Crush
4) My Twilight
5) Laguna Negra
6) Fallen
7) Nightmare Dreams
8) Castle In My Heart
9) Do Not Be Afraid
10) Reason I Have Wings
11) Goodnight

The last time we had new music from The Rosedales was in 2009, when they released Once Upon A Season. It reached a point where we never thought we would hear from the band again when, almost randomly last year, the group announced they were working on new music. Last October saw the release of the first single for this highly anticipated new album, “Crush.” The song revived the fanbase, as it was exactly what we wanted from the group, but still the wait would be longer. Well, thankfully that wait is now over, as the band gears up to release Stereoghost. Featuring ten new tracks alongside the previously released “Crush” the question remained whether the new album could live up to the expectations set by Once Upon A Season and Raise Your Spirits before it. Does Stereoghost stand amongst those great albums?

Opening with the instrumental title track, it fades into the brand-new single “Stars Are Falling.” Any doubt that “Crush” was a one off is immediately decimated. The song builds and builds into the sing along chorus in what is sure to become a fan favorite. Following one single with another, “Crush” comes next, and seeing as the song has been available since last year you don’t need me to tell you how great it is. “My Twilight” continues the trend of catchy songs while going a little heavier, but then the real main event comes. The Rosedales have always been what I would call ‘romantic horrorpunk’ and that trend shines through all of Stereoghost, but never more perfectly than on “Laguna Negra.” I feel 100% confident in saying that if I were to ever get married, this would be my wedding song. It is the perfect blend of romanticism and atmosphere. I don’t even feel like I can do justice to the song with words, it really is that good. The instrumental, the perfect blend of vocals, especially on the chorus mixing bassist/vocalist Mark Danger and guitarist/vocalist Rip Fantom is magical. That’s not to discount the contributions of drummer Christian Danger and lead guitarist Johnny Krypt. This may very well be the band’s masterpiece.

Now it’s obvious that it would be damned hard to follow up such greatness, and “Fallen” appropriately stumbles in that position, but things pick right back up with “Nightmare Dreams” which is maybe the heaviest track on the album. The Rosedales have never been known for their heaviness, but this track turns out to be a full-on banger with a driving riff that takes over. As seems to be the case with most of Stereoghost the band follows the heaviness with something much more mellow, in this case the soothing “Castle In My Heart.” Another romantic track that builds in and leads into “Do Not Be Afraid” which is of a similar style and it almost feels like the two tracks blend together. The album begins to wrap up with “Reason I Have Wings” which blends well with the previous two and builds to a soaring beautiful chorus. Finally, “Goodnight” closes the album somberly with the longest track on the album, and another sure to become a fan favorite. Halfway through the song things pick right up and the band leans back into the heavy territory with some riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on an old Metallica album. An incredible way to close the record and leaving the listener wanting more.

Was Stereoghost worth the 10 year wait? The answer to that is an emphatic yes, as this may be the finest album The Rosedales have produced. I have no doubt that the legion of fans will be ecstatic at what the band has put together here. We can only hope that another 10 year wait isn’t forthcoming to a follow up album.

You can pre-order Stereoghost now at The Official Rosedales Website
now ahead of the June 21st release date, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest news regarding the band and the new album!

Killer Track
“Laguna Negra”

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