Stereo Terror: The Draculads – Kristen

Release Year

Track Listing
1) (Intro) Nightmare World
2) 3
3) Only Human
4) He Will Rise
5) Mathilda May
6) I Shall Guide Your Hand

You may recall back in the Fourth Chapter of our Mass HyStereo feature a review of From Parts Unknown, the debut album from The Draculads, the new side project featuring members of The Theatre Zombies. The band takes the groundwork set by their main project and adds in a synth backing to great effect. Not ones to waste time, band front man Rob Harms Belmont and bandmate Michael Van Buren quickly released a follow up album earlier this year, Kristen. So how does it stack up with their debut?

Beginning with the almost-standard musical intro, the album proper begins with “3” based on the X-Files episode of the same name, which also spawns the album name itself. Continuing the sound established on their first album, “3” is an incredibly poppy horrorpunk song, standing up there with any of the best the genre has to offer. “Only Human” follows referencing the film Under The Skin and keeps the momentum going strong, leading into “He Will Rise.” Originally a song written for The Theatre Zombies, Dracula himself is the basis of the song, and it is clear this was a song that ties The Draculads to their other project, and it stands out as one of, if not the strongest track the band has produced thus far.

From speaking briefly with Rob, the story of “Mathilda May” was that it was a song originally written about a martian named Mindy, but he was unable to move the song past a catchy chorus, until he decided to rework the entire song as a tribute to Mathilda May from the underappreciated Tobe Hooper classic Life Force. And finally, the album closes with “I Shall Guide Your Hand” based around The VVitch. While not as catchy as the previous two tracks, it serves its purpose as a fine closer to the album, and much like their previous works, leaves the listener wanting more. And what more can you ask for from a short EP?

The Draculads continue to impress with their blending of traditional horrorpunk with a more pop-punk influenced sound, and I can’t wait to see what Rob and Michael come up with next. Here’s hoping that the wait will be a short one much like the one between From Parts Unknown and Kristen.

You can grab your copy of Kristen, as well as From Parts Unknown from The Draculads Bandcamp page and be sure to throw the band a Like on The Draculads Facebook page!

Killer Track
“He Will Rise”

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