Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: Raygun Cowboys – Bloodied But Unbroken

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Limbo
2) Fast Machine
3) Truth
4) Jonesin’
5) YEG
6) The Only One
7) Ain’t Got Time
8) Bloodied But Unbroken
9) Bring It Home Tonight
10) Walk Of Life

The Raygun Cowboys are a 5-piece psychobilly band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, signed to Stomp Records. They are one of my favourite bands, and when I was asked to review this album I was thrilled! Readers here are well aware of my love for horn-filled psychobilly music; this is the band that introduced me to this style, and is a heavy influence on my own music. Bloodied But Unbroken is the band’s 5th studio album and it is their follow up to the masterpiece, The Cowboy Code. Enough small talk, let’s jump right in!

The Raygun Cowboys start things off with a bang by opening the album with their first single, “Limbo”. It is a catchy, upbeat song that is a great introduction to the album. This album has a much more raw sound with a crunchier guitar tone than their previous release, which sounded a little more polished/western-y. The low end shines through nicely throughout the album with a nice mix of melody and good ol’ slap bass. It is hard to describe “Truth” in any other way than classic Raygun Cowboys – if you don’t know what that means, go listen to this track now.  “YEG” is an absolute banger of a track!!! It is a great, franticly fast-paced tune that captures the clever lyrics perfectly. As a driver in London, Ontario, I can really relate to the struggles of Edmonton traffic.

“The Only One”, “Ain’t Got Time” and “Bring It Home Tonight” come across as a trilogy of a broken love story, walking you through rejection, acceptance, and regret. “Bloodied But Unbroken” is another killer fast paced tune, however, I do wonder if it would have been better served at a different spot in the album because in my opinion those other 3 tracks tell a really good story together if you listen to them back-to-back in a vacuum. The title track is definitely the perfect fit as an opening song for any Raygun Cowboys live show. “Walk Of Life” is a rockabilly rendition of the Dire Straits song and is a fantastic way to close out this fantastic album!

If I had to choose my favourite Raygun Cowboys album, I would still have to choose The Cowboy Code (and the track “Bitter Shame” still holds a special place in my heart – as it does for most Raygun Cowboys fans). Bloodied But Unbroken is a very stout release full of ripping tunes that you will be sure to keep spinning on repeat. Be sure to support the band on facebook at and pick up this album (along with their other releases) on Bandcamp at:

Killer Track

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