Blitzkid–A Blind Bargain

Five Cellars Below

Lately, I’m looking through the depths of magic mirrors
Lately, I’m longing for a life that’s passed me by
Lately, I’m wheeling, dealing deals with darker devils
Lately, I’ve sold a soul to crack death open wide
Lately, I’m feeling fallen like the Faust of fables
Lately, his story stacks up equal next to mine
The tempting for eternal treasures trips the boundaries
I’ve let the devil in and doomed the soul inside
Whoa oh oh oh
The tempting of a soul
Lately, the riches have unriped to rotten rusings
Lately, the passion promised pales upon her skin
Lately, I’ve made mistakes that mount up monumental
Lately, I’ve held the heavy weight of hostile sin
Lately, The shadows shout and shriek a little louder
Lately, I see the eyes enveloped in the ash
Lately, I ponder on the past of my precautions
Lately, his laugh assures me I won’t get it back
Whoa oh oh oh
The tempting of a soul
If only it could be undone
I’d meet him on that path again
I’d break the mirror of true lies
I’d put the soul inside again
I’d put the soul inside again

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