Blitzkid–Jane Doe #9


Jane Doe #9, your body has been identified.
The name that came broke my mind
‘Cause you’re the girl who only years ago,
Our time was spent with lacing fingers entwined.
Jane Doe #9, they found you cold, layin’ on your side.
No friends to be there when you fell,
No one to welcome you into the gates of Hell,
The place you always knew so well.
On Earth, you were her mission guide.
Our tattered souls, they will collide someday.
[guitar solo]
The papers called you a transient,
A vessel wrecked, no home,
But I knew you when you were free from suffering,
When you were my own.
Jane Doe #9 [repeated]
With rended flesh, you spilled like wine
So sweet upon the bathroom tiles,
And watered seeds to a cold case file,
Florescent lights absorbed your fading smile.

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