Blitzkid–Lady In The Lake


She held tight to a photograph
Entranced by his mystery
The sun it rose and set for days
With echoes of her agony
What good’s a heart without a home
And no one to call her own
The waters rushed up to bathe her of a time
And drown the memories
What’s more beautiful than blood
Caked on her velvet skin
The dress she wore that night remains
A wash in scarlet sin
A haunting tale of sorrow
Underneath a murky deep
There’s still a longing in those eyes
That hasn’t ceased to be
A broken spirit still exists
The pain calls her up to rise
And though I wanted to dismiss
As a trick of light or in my mind
Standing there so eloquent she cries
Sing to me and ease my troubles boy
This afterlife has known no joy
Because the death of love
Took me before my time
Sing to me and provide peaceful rest
For though I’m gone, I can’t forget
Sing a song and croon to me
In the midnight, sing to me
Sing to me
Sing to me
Sing to me
Sing to me

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