Blitzkid–As The Rope Bridge Sways

Anatomy Of ReanimationTrace Of A Stranger

A churring tribe of insects on the mountainside
Orchestrate a hopeful symphony
The buzzing flows from my fingers to my toes
Strikes a pulse with the rope bridge’s sway
One year has passed since I laid her in the grass
Bound by a lantern
The mystic said it would raise her from the dead
Give her a year and a setting sun
My eyes adjust to this velvet touch of dusk
The trail ahead exhales a pinpoint flame
Here comes my wife she’s from the other side of life
Dripping lace as the rope bridge sways
Her lantern light, so comforting this night
One year I’ve waited
To see her dress glow a midnight shillouete
Soft, aching angel broke by life
As the rope bridge sways
Decaying summer days
Secret hands of blood and ice
Sway the bridge into the night
As the rope bridge sways
The burns are gone from her face
Forbidden measures brought her up
But god gave the will to love

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