Blitzkid–Salem’s Ghost

Terrifying Tales[3]

Gathering tonight,
The righteous and the wise
Gonna find out where the evil lies.
They’ve got a plan,
Witchcraft in the land,
The won’t stop ‘til every girl is tried…
Now you’re being locked away
Your soul’s possessed or so they say
By morning the stench of death will rise
Up from the sea where your innocence lies…
Your spirit is awake,
And full of hate
It’s time to make the clergy pay
Vengeance you inflict,
I am not a witch!!!
You scream in anger, I will have my day…
Seeking them out,
You roam about
Waiting for the right time to strike,
By fall of night
You come alive
Terrorize the priests that took your life…
Indicted for the crime of being young,
Now I’m the power and the chosen one
I will haunt you until your dying day,
Gleefully laughing as I dance on your grave
(outro x2)

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