Blitzkid–Mr. Sardonicus


Sardonically my visage is tragically revolting
They never see the man behind the jagged teeth
Set glaring
All my anger you will know
Ostracized so I will show
Just what a man with steady hands
And vengeful plans can do to you
My dear, lost guest I urge you
Scribe these words
Formerly I was a man who casually sought leisure
Suddenly mishap would mar the face you see
Man shunned me
Now this anger’s all I know
Ostracized and forced so low
By fellow man who’s helping hand
Was more a fist forcing me here
My dear lost guest I urge you
Scribe these words
Your warning
I’m giving
You’ll last the night
But first there’s something
You must take with you
Evidence of what you saw
A little smile for your call
Now let me see you struggle so futilely against it
The bladed sting is power to make them scream at you too
What is that you see before you?
The mirror sings your verdict
Now my anger is all you will know
Ostracized and you’ll be shown
Your fellow man, his helping hand
Will never land fistless on you
My dear lost guest you dared your luck this night

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