Blitzkid–She Won’t Stop Bleeding


I called her Monday on the phone
To tell her change was needed and
We should move on
To say the least she wasn’t down
She came over screaming
Juxtaposing sound
I tried to shove her out the door
She took a swing at me then hit the floor
Upon the blade that she had hid
Behind her back. Such a wild attack
Just like her to turn an accident to tragedy
She won’t stop bleeding
I went and shut off both the phones
I turned off all the lights inside my tiny room
I sat and listened to her bleed
But not out of malice, simply out of shock
I guess I must’ve been asleep
The sound of falling silverware destroyed my peace
I found her slipping across the floor
A red, sticky demon with a mouth still a’ screamin’
A meat tenderizer to the head, and now she’s down
She won’t stop bleeding
Consequences are an adult facet of life
Little sweetie grew up quickly
By the blade of her own knife
She won’t stop bleeding

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