Blitzkid–The Vanishing Riders


Despair has gripped the air tonight, eyes darting
The town is racing for it’s life, doors locking
The leaves are raging on a breeze, a warning
Within an hour they’ll be here, they’re coming
We bolt our doors
The skies last flame now turns to rust
Howls on a nearby hill initiate the dusk
And they ride
Sleek cloaks of ebon tear the sky, dark flapping
Accursed hooves ignite the dust, dark rapping
A trail of embers lace the way, burnt tracking
Before the cross we kneel and pray for passing
The cursed cavalry’s wrought purpose is unknown
Extended torches lead the flight of charging bones
Am I alone, the one who’ll face this lottery
And ride forever on a fire blackened steed
The vanishing riders
Come with new moons to take an offering
An offering, now of a human soul
No one knows why these hills are haunted
With encroaching cries, despairing mares
No one here can leave this town alive
A dash of fire
The flight of exposed bones
A number will be drawn
The vanishing riders
The vanishing riders
The vanishing riders
The vanishing riders
The vanishing

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