Stereo Terror: Damnation – The Equinox

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Time Is Up
2) Long For Days
3) Call Me Crazy
4) Sweet Design
5) The Past
6) Stuck In A Web
7) N.O.D. (Nation Of The Damned)
8) Fighting For
9) Devil Is In The Details
10) Traces
11) The Embrace
12) Toward The Darkness
13) Head In The Clouds
14) Worst On You

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Splatter Panels: The Walking Dead #190 – Storm The Gates

Robert Kirkman

Charlie Adlard
Stefano Gaudiano
Cliff Rathburn

The Story So Far
Really? If you’re here for a review of Issue 190, you likely know much of what has led to this point, especially for something as iconic as The Walking Dead. That said, lately Rick has been a guest at the Commonwealth, an idyllic city run by a new (seemingly) less evil Governor. Michonne is also here and has been happily reunited with one of her daughters. However, tensions have been brewing between in the Commonwealth, led by the head of the security mercenaries Mercer. Mercer was imprisoned but has been freed by an explosion caused by Laura after Dwight was shot and killed by Rick of all people. Rick led the charge to help Governor Milton escape, and when Mercer realizes his rebellion isn’t as well received as he hopes, he pleads to Rick to help him lead.

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Stereo Terror: Bat$hit!crazy. – Bat$hit!crazy.

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Bats In The Belfry
2) They Live. We Sleep
3) Diabolic
4) Such A Waste Of Good Suffering
5) Ravager
6) Rotting
7) No Solution
8) Stare Into Fire
9) The Man Who Was Death
10) Ghosts
11) The Babysitter Murders
12) Ellen’s Grave

Hailing out of one of the punk capitols of the world, Southern California’s Bat$hit!crazy. (boy that’s gonna take it’s toll on my spell check through this review) are a four piece band who may not look the part in the least, until you hear the music and the words. The band took a rather eclectic approach building to this, their first full-length album. Releasing a series of four three-song EPs, all with intertwining artwork, the band has put them all together to form their self-titled full length. Comprised of Richy V. on vocals, Chuck D. on guitar, Jason V. on bass and Mike M. on drums, the band aims to blend infectious pop-punk with horror, so how do they do?

Starting out with the ridiculously catchy “Bats In The Belfry” is a wise move, as it is one of the band’s strongest cuts and introduces new listeners to what they can expect immediately. The song, as does most of the album, relies strongly on driving guitar riffs and the strength of Richy V.‘s vocals. If you aren’t singing along as he professes to ‘burn it down, burn it to the ground’ then you have much more willpower than I good listener. “They Live. We Sleep” follows and is a wonderful tribute tune to the Roddy Piper/John Carpenter classic They Live. Like many songs over the past few years, it serves to make you want to go back and watch the film repeatedly, and what more can you expect from a horrorpunk tribute track? “Diabolic” continues along the same trend and simply rocks.

“Such A Waste Of Good Suffering” takes its inspiration from Hellraiser as you could guess from the name, and does its source justice. Chuck D. gets to shine a little more on this one with some great guitar work that fits into the song seamlessly. “Ravager” is less than a minute long but hits hard, which is great as it was written as a tribute to the late Angus Scrimm, who was of course the Tall Man from the Phantasm series. “Rotting” works as an anti-love song, while “No Solution” may be the height of the band’s pop-punk stylings.

“Stare Into Fire” and “The Man Who Was Death” continue along that same path, leading into “Ghosts” which is another highlight on the album, and despite the fact that it is only a minute and a half in length, it feels longer when you listen and have it blasted, and I mean that in the best way. “The Babysitter Murders” takes on Halloween and is a bit slower in tempo and picks up with some soothing backing vocals. The album closes with “Ellen’s Grave” sending the album out on a high note. While not as catchy as some of the earlier tracks on the album, it does the trick with leaving any listeners wanting more.

Bat$hit!crazy. are a band that know what they are doing with their particular take on the genre, and one could easily say that the music within the packaging here lives up to the band’s name and will help build a reputation of being, well, bat shit crazy!

You can grab your copy of Bat$hit!crazy. at the Basement Records Bandcamp page and you can follow the band on the Bat$hit!crazy. Instagram page to stay up to date with the band and all their goings on!

Killer Track
“Bats In The Belfry”