Evil Brain Taste–Everything Decays


What’s that smell everything I see
If you leave it long enough it will rot eventually
Disintegration happens when you die
When all is fresh and new it makes me wanna cry
What’s that sound everything I taste
Has musty note I cannot seem to place
Mould and fungus seem to go together
But with putrefaction everything is better
Like waste that’s gone off and is vinegary
The rankest tomato you ever did see
If you’re not devoid of your bone idol ways you could be living in squalor
Cause everything decays
Everything decays x7
What’s that thought everything I feel
Takes me by surprise and makes me squeal
Underneath the sofa there lurks a great surprise
Last summer’s curry with a garnish of flies
Like haddock that has been left out in the sun
It’s putrid and stinky you know it’s the one
Can’t be too careful where hygiene’s concerned
I thought by now you’d have learned
Everything you know
Everything you fear
Nothing is forever
They all float down here
Never trust another
‘Cos everyone betrays
You’ll be rotting soon
Cos everything decays
Everything decays!

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