Deadhouse Staff

Welcome to the Deadhouse Staff page, where you can find a little information on the guy who runs The Deadhouse!

Joleen 864

Mister Gore

Founder and Editor In Chief of The Deadhouse. First enthralled by horrorpunk through Wednesday 13 and Blitzkid, I have found myself entrenched in the horrorpunk scene for several years now. My all-time favorite band is Blitzkid, and my favorite movie of all-time is the 1978 version of Dawn Of The Dead. I have been writing about horrorpunk and horror for many years now, and my goal is to ensure the spreading of the scene, and to make The Deadhouse the biggest and most important horrorpunk website on the internet. You can follow me on Twitter here.




  1. lamelancolia

    Hi Mister Gore Iam the singer of La Melancolía de Don Quixote(Panama). We play Rot’N’Roll our own genre. and would like to know if you can review our álbum, Puta Indiferencia( Fuck Indifference)

    thanks for your time

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