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Tag: Acoustic Horrorpunk

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Stereo Terror: The Bastards – We Are The Filthy Ones

Disaster and bandmate Jimmy Moon spent the better part of the past two years working on We Are The Filthy Ones, aiming for it to be the heaviest album they could while staying within their acoustic horrorpunk sound. So, how does the album come across with this change in sound direction for the band?

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Stereo Terror: Creepy Little Things – Forever More

The brainchild of Wisconsin-based Scotty Damned, Creepy Little Things was founded in 2016 and recently released their debut EP Forever More. Having come across the band in one of my many Bandcamp deep dives, I felt it appropriate to give the band a shot and see what they could come up with in their four-song introduction.

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Stereo Terror: Siblings Of Samhain – Dark, Dead And Deranged EP

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a Deadhouse Interview with the new UK acoustic horrorpunk act Siblings Of Samhain, which you can check out here. And now, due to being way ahead of schedule with their recording, the band has unleashed their debut EP over a month early for everyone to get their hands on. The question is, with so many acoustic acts flooding the scene, do Siblings Of Samhain have something on their hands that is worth listeners seeking out?

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Stereo Terror: Jess-O-Lantern – Bare Bones

Earlier this year, I took a look at the 2016 release from the lovely and talented Jess-O-Lantern, Rest In Pumpkins (check out the Stereo Terror review here) so I was absolutely thrilled to get an advanced look at her new album, the appropriately titled Bare Bones. As Jess herself informed me, this was a full return to basics, with the album consisting of just her and her guitar, making the album feel more authentic to her style and live performances.

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Deadhouse Interview: Siblings Of Samhain

There are constantly new bands popping up in the horrorpunk scene, all making a go at the ever expanding fanbase. One of these new bands coming out of the United Kingdom is Siblings Of Samhain, who I recently had the opportunity to exchange emails with as they prepare to release their first EP, which has already sold out during the pre-order! Tapping into the acoustic side of the genre ala The Bastards, Wolfman Chuck and The Mutant Members Only Club, the new duo was kind enough to answer some questions to give everyone a little insight into what we can expect later this fall with their debut release. So without further a due, I’m thrilled to present the newest Deadhouse Interview with Danny Demented and Savage Monster!