Stereo Terror: The Bastards – We Are The Filthy Ones

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Young & Restless
2) My Body Is A Dumpster
3) Nothing Personal
4) Damned!
5) Crawl Into My Grave
6) Undead
7) Goddamn Gentlemen
8) Nervous Mess
9) Enemy Of The State
10) Coal Country
11) Fever
12) Street Trash
13) Breathing Blood
14) We Are The Filthy Ones

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Stereo Terror: Creepy Little Things – Forever More

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Already Gone
2) Anything But You
3) Ghost
4) The End Of Me Begins With You

The brainchild of Wisconsin-based Scotty Damned, Creepy Little Things was founded in 2016 and recently released their debut EP Forever More. Having come across the band in one of my many Bandcamp deep dives, I felt it appropriate to give the band a shot and see what they could come up with in their four-song introduction.

Mixing many goth rock influences with grunge and a little bit more than a slight Nine Inch Nails feel into an acoustic horrorpunk shell, Damned is a one-man band with a true sense of self and knowing what he is doing. Forever More begins with “Already Gone” a slow dirge of a track that serves as a welcoming and foreboding invitation to new listeners. “Anything But You” follows with a touch more of an upbeat feel, the closest the album comes to being positive with a love song.

“Ghost” drags a bit towards the beginning but finds its footing towards the end when things pick up musically and the anger starts to really shine through in the vocals and lyrics. The short album then ends with “The End Of Me Begins With You” which also happens to be the song that drew me into the band to begin with. To say it is the strongest track on the album would be an understatement. The tortured vibe from both the lyrics is what initially caught my eye, and the song does justice to the fantastic writing. I can easily see this becoming a favorite for anyone who has put it all out there for a person but found it to be never rescinded.

It’s hard to fully judge what can become of this project from only four songs, but Forever More is a good starting point for the clearly talented Scotty Damned and his Creepy Little Things. The mix of all the different styles could help allow Damned to really go in any direction he feels necessary, and I personally look forward to see what comes next from the project!

Be sure to grab your copy of Forever More at the Creepy Little Things Bandcamp page and give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page to stay updated on all the Creepy Little Things that come in the future.

Killer Track
“The End Of Me Begins With You”

Deadhouse Interview: Siblings Of Samhain

There are constantly new bands popping up in the horrorpunk scene, all making a go at the ever expanding fanbase. One of these new bands coming out of the United Kingdom is Siblings Of Samhain, who I recently had the opportunity to exchange emails with as they prepare to release their first EP, which has already sold out during the pre-order! Tapping into the acoustic side of the genre ala The Bastards, Wolfman Chuck and The Mutant Members Only Club, the new duo was kind enough to answer some questions to give everyone a little insight into what we can expect later this fall with their debut release. So without further a due, I’m thrilled to present the newest Deadhouse Interview with Danny Demented and Savage Monster!

The Deadhouse: My first question as always, who are you?

Siblings Of Samhain: We are…. THE UNINVITED! Nah, just messing. We are Danny Demented and Savage Monster, the horror acoustic duo Siblings Of Samhain from the UK.

The Deadhouse: Who are some of your musical influences in the horror genre?

Danny Demented: The horror genre has always been a part of my music taste starting with bands such as Misfits and Wednesday 13, but as I’ve gone further I’ve found love for bands such as Blitzkid, The Other, The B-Movie Monsters and The Rosedales. I also began to enjoy rockabilly and psychobilly with bands such as Nekromantix, Tiger Army, The Brains and The Grims. All of these bands have made a massive impact on my song writing because even though they are all horror related, they each stand alone and are unique.

Savage Monster: My main influence in the horror scene would have to be Blitzkid for sure, followed by Argyle Goolsby And The Roving MidnightWednesday 13Misfits, Michale Graves and Doyle. As well as horrorpunk I love psychobilly, so Zombie Ghost Train, Nekromantix and Demented Are Go definitely had something to do with it! The local UK scene, Al B. Damned is my personal favorite artist here! You guys in Canada have Nim Vind who are incredible!

The Deadhouse: What about outside of the horror genre?

Danny Demented: Outside of the horror scene, it really is a tough one as I like so many different genres haha. First of all I would say Green Day. They were and still are a huge influence on me as they were the first band I ever saw live and the reason I picked up a guitar and realized I wanted to be in a band. Other major influences for me have to be HIM, The Smiths, The Clash and gotta give it to the ‘King Of Pop’ Michael Jackson!

Savage Monster: I’m into a lot of different stuff, starting off with underground horrorcore hip-hop such as Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9ne and Twiztid! But then Joy Division is a huge one for me, as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motionless In White, HIM, Rob Zombie, CKY, Marilyn Manson and The Cryptkeeper Five are just a few off the top of my head.

The Deadhouse: What are some of your favorite horror movies?

Danny Demented: Right, favourite horror films, I’m gonna start with the old school movies. Dracula, Bride Of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, Last Man On Earth, and The House On Haunted Hill. Going to more later films I’d say the original Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser, Lords Of Salem and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. There’s so many more but we’d be here all day haha.

Savage Monster: Tim Burton is a genius so anything by him. Being a vampire fan, my top three would be The Lost Boys, the Bela Lugosi Dracula and Nosferatu. Away from vampires are The Pit And The Pendulum with Vincent Price, The Body Snatcher with Boris Karloff, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Halloween. I’m also a big fan of Rob Zombie’s movies, specifically House Of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Lords Of Salem, 31 and The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto. Some people slated him for his Halloween remakes but you gotta look at it as a brand new movie and he nailed it! Also, biographical movies on serial killers are a big interest for me!

The Deadhouse: What about outside of the horror genre?

Danny Demented: Outside of the horror genre, I’ll say films when I was growing up were The Goonies, Jumanji and The Lion King. More serious films I’d say Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Secret Window, Django Unchained, all of the Friday movies and Independence Day.

Savage Monster: This is a tough one, but the movie based on Ian Curtis from Joy Division called Control is a really good picture, it portrays his life perfectly! Also, I adore Johnny Depp’s work in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, The Ninth Gate and Pirates Of The Caribbean.

The Deadhouse: Tell us more about Siblings Of Samhain.

Siblings Of Samhain: Back in college, both of us were originally in a post-hardcore band, which lasted a few years, but due to musical differences we split. We were the only two that had a major love for horror in general. The Lost Boys is the picture we watched religiously when we used to hang out. In between then and Siblings, we were both in different bands which was great at the time, but both never found the true spook that horrorpunk has. For myself (Savage Monster) I started a booking agency under the same name to keep in touch with the scene, but it wasn’t enough to feed the monster. I had to play live/record/release music myself! So we both left our previous bands (Feral State and Gorgeous Morgue) and within a month we were writing, which would later become the songs that feature on our debut EP, Dark, Dead and Deranged. We weren’t sure what we were writing about at the time, but we knew it was going to be Horror-ble!

The Deadhouse: What exactly can fans expect from Siblings Of Samhain?

Siblings Of Samhain: Expect huge show/tour announcements between now and 2018! All will be revealed in good time. But in the meantime, expect acoustic horror in the most undead way possible…

The Deadhouse: When should fans be ready for Siblings Of Samhain to be unleashed?

Siblings From Samhain: We were originally aiming for a Halloween release, but due to the pre-orders for the new EP selling out, and us being way ahead of schedule, the official release date is the 1st of October!

And finally, as a last word to the fans! We want to thank everyone out there who’s supported us so far! It means so much to us, and we hope to meet as many of you as possible on the road!

I’d like to thank both Danny Demented and Savage Monster of Siblings Of Samhain for talking with us and be sure to keep an eye out for the release of Dark, Dead And Deranged this fall!

Stereo Terror: Wolfman Chuck Meets Robb Goblin and Afterlife Love Machine

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom – Babe In Blue
2) Robb Goblin – Late-Night Exhuming
3) Afterlife Love Machine – Afterlife Love Machine
4) Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom – Casket Caress
5) Robb Goblin – Monday Morning Of The Living Dead
6) Afterlife Love Machine – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
7) Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom – Mango Tree
8) Robb Goblin – The Devil Is Pleased
9) Afterlife Love Machine – Not Rape If She Is Dead

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