Stereo Terror: Running From Daylight – Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet

Release Year
Track Listing
1) Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet
2) Dead Man’s Crossing
3) Between The Eyes
4) Full Moon Rising
5) Mary Jane
6) Breathing Fyre
7) Whole Damn Bottle

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They’re aLive! – Darrow Chemical Company & Black Cat Attack

Myself (I’m the goof with my eyes closed) with both Darrow Chemical Company & Black Cat Attack

August 13, 2015

Call The Office (London, Ontario, Canada)

The Burnouts
Thirty Helens
Darrow Chemical Company
Black Cat Attack

Welcome fiends and ghouls everywhere to the first (hopefully of many in the future) edition of They’re aLive here on The Deadhouse! This is our first Live Concert review ever, so the format may change as it evolves.
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