Stereo Terror: Running From Daylight – Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet

Release Year
Track Listing
1) Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet
2) Dead Man’s Crossing
3) Between The Eyes
4) Full Moon Rising
5) Mary Jane
6) Breathing Fyre
7) Whole Damn Bottle

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Stereo Terror: Running From Daylight – Coffin For Two

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Coffin For Two
2) Devil’s Night Dance
3) Ghost Bride

Well, how’s this for an interesting twist. Any longtime readers of the site know of my constant complaints of the lack of horrorpunk bands up here in Canada, specifically the Ontario region. With pretty much only Black Cat Attack and The House Of Haunt filling the void, it would appear that a newer band has risen from the grave right under my nose. Running From Daylight just happen to be based out of London, Ontario, which also happens to be my hometown and the base of The Deadhouse itself. So of course I have to check them out and see what they have to offer to our beloved genre.

Running From Daylight lean towards the psycho, or horrorbilly, side of the genre. Again as any longtime readers are aware, I am not really a fan of that aspect of the genre with some exceptions. Kicking off the album with “Coffin For Two” the band introduce themselves as very similar to most acts in the psychobilly genre. The vocals from guitarist Andrew Bellini-Rutledge are absolutely meant for the horrorbilly style, and helps anchor the music. Having a high-energy opening track is a good call, and also serves to show off the musical chops of upright bassist Garrett Renders, drummer Tarek Rashwan and second guitarist Troy Jasper.

“Devil’s Night Dance” starts slightly weaker than the preceding track, but finds its footing by the bridge after the second chorus. It is definitely one of those tracks that may take a listener a few listens to really grab onto. The very short EP finishes up with “Ghost Bride” the album’s ballad. Featuring female vocals from guest Michelle Lo, it is the track that really solidifies the band and their take on the genre. “Ghost Bride” is the track I can see bringing fans in the most, with something about it just making you want to throw the track on repeat.

There is a lot of talent contained within Coffin For Two, and it will be interesting to see where Running From Daylight goes from here. I can see a very bright future ahead for the band as long as they do not allow themselves to be trapped within the confines of the psychobilly side of things. If they continue along this route and are not afraid to experiment with their talents, they can become one of the big hitters of the horror music scene in not only the Ontario area, but all of Canada.

You can grab a copy of Coffin For Two at the Running From Daylight Bandcamp page with the “Name Your Price” option and be sure to give the band a Like on their Facebook page!

Killer Track
“Ghost Bride”

Deadhouse Interview: Black Cat Attack


As a Canadian who loves horrorpunk, there sadly isn’t much of a scene for a guy like me to take part in. For the most part the only great band in the genre up here in the Great White North is Black Cat Attack. But BCA is more than just a band waving the flag of horrorpunk, they are damned near responsible for keeping the scene alive. Through their relentless touring of both Canada and the US, the band has made friends with many other acts, and through that they have brought many great bands up for Canadian tours that would otherwise never even consider touring up here. Bands such as The Jasons, Children Of October and Darrow Chemical Company have all made their presence felt on Canadian tours with BCA. On a personal note, I was able to see BCA when they came to town along with Darrow Chemical Company, and I can safely say it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had.

As the band prepares to unleash their new album Edraculation upon the world I was able to talk with the band a little bit. As for Edraculation itself, you can expect a review early next week here on The Deadhouse!

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They’re aLive! – Darrow Chemical Company & Black Cat Attack

Myself (I’m the goof with my eyes closed) with both Darrow Chemical Company & Black Cat Attack

August 13, 2015

Call The Office (London, Ontario, Canada)

The Burnouts
Thirty Helens
Darrow Chemical Company
Black Cat Attack

Welcome fiends and ghouls everywhere to the first (hopefully of many in the future) edition of They’re aLive here on The Deadhouse! This is our first Live Concert review ever, so the format may change as it evolves.
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