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Stereo Terror: Damnation – The Equinox

And now, they are readying the release of their sophomore album, The Equinox. And not to reveal a spoiler too early in this review, but they certainly aren’t worrying about the sophomore slump, coming through the speakers with a confidence most bands can’t touch.

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DeadTube: “Fighting For” Damnation

Damnation have been making a name for themselves among the scene for a few years now, with their debut release After Midnight having been reviewed here upon its release back in 2017. Since that time the band have been working away and have even become the current members of Shadow Windhawk’s touring band, The Morticians (as evidenced by his cameos in the video!). And now, in preparing for the forthcoming release of their new album, The Equinox, the band has released their first music video for the song, “Fighting For.” 

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Stereo Terror: Damnation – After Midnight

Having formed in the summer of 2013, with a few minor releases following in 2015, Massachusetts trio Damnation released their first full-length album earlier this year. At the time of its release I had heard the album, and was drawn to it, but for one reason or another I never fully dove into what the band was offering with After Midnight. This was a huge mistake on my part, as I was urged to revisit the album and I am 100% kicking myself in the ass. After Midnight contains 10 tracks of fun, melodic and just plain awesome punk music with a great horror edge.