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Tag: Death Rock

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Stereo Terror: Joe Becker – Monster

Death rock and horrorpunk go hand-in-hand in many ways. So I always ensure that when I am looking for new music, or have some new music presented to me for an opportunity for review, that I check it out. Not all of it makes the cut at any given time, but the new debut album from solo artist Joe Becker is an interesting one that piqued my attention. And I am sure that it will grab some new listeners that are part of The Deadhouse cult.

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Stereo Terror: The Fiendish Phantoms – The Fiendish Phantoms

Mixing traditional horrorpunk with death rock and other influences, The Fiendish Phantoms out of Wisconsin have just released their first self-titled LP, with 10 songs running the gamut of styles and putting their own spin on things. The four-piece band, consisting of The Nightstalker on vocals, Oliver “The Caretaker” Collins on guitar, Dr. Decon I. Bel on bass and rounded out by Beefy The Butcher on drums, sing of many traditional troupes of the genre, from serial killers to classic figures.