Stereo Terror: JxV – Ritual

Release DateYear
Track Listing
1) Ritual
2) Trick x Treat
3) False Patriots
4) Devil’s Night feat. vxDEDxv
5) Bath Salt Zombies feat. SE Frank
6) Living Dead
7) From The Plague We Come To An End
8) Noose

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Stereo Terror: Evil Brain Taste – Dead Dead Bad

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) Zombies Ate My Brains
3) Have You Ever Tasted Brains?
4) Candle Lit Shit
5) (Back From The Dead)
6) Hello I Want To Kill You
7) Those Whose Bodies Are Subject To Decay
8) Everything Decays
9) Rotting Fox
10) The Taste Remains
11) The Taste Of Evil Brains
12) Zombies
13) Never Forget The Taste

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Deadhouse Interview: Joey Southside Of The Banner

As The Deadhouse continues to grow, I am sometimes afforded the opportunity to interview people I have long admired and listened to for a long time. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians (the first supporters of the site, and something I will always love them for!) and Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid and Silent Horror fame, among others. And now, I proudly bring to you a new interview with Joey Southside, of one my absolute favorite bands, The Banner.

The Banner has been around for well over a decade now, with their first full-length release, the epic Your Murder Mixtape, having been released in 2003. The album begins with the vicious Zombie Onslaught which features samples from the 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead. The album contains many songs that deal with darker subjects, none better than this writer’s personal favorite, Die Fighting, which is the one song I always throw on when I feel the need to have ambition. Throughout the band’s career they have celebrated their unique style on 2005’s Each Breath Haunted and 2008’s Frailty. Having returned in 2013 with the EP Born To Ruin I: The Way Is Shut, the band once again toys with expectations, including an absolutely haunting cover of the Zola Jesus track, Night.

Without further a due, let’s get to the interview.
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