Deadhouse Interview: Jake W. Grimbro (Co-Founder of Shock Stock)

I’ve made no secret of my love for Shock Stock here on The Deadhouse. Since the show’s inception in 2011, I have attended the event every year, and I now consider it a regular part of my life and yearly schedule. It’s the one place where all of us horror-loving freaks get to go and hang out, and truly feel at home. The show has grown every year and this year is once again presenting a stellar line-up of horror and exploitation figures. Especially exciting is the inclusion of horrorpunk godfather Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, formerly of The Misfits. Just like last year, I had the opportunity to speak with Jake W. Grimbro, one of the co-founders of the event, and someone I am happy and proud to call a friend. So without further a due, let’s get to the interview shall we?

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Deadhouse Exclusive: Early Details On Shock Stock 2016 & The Film Festival

For those who have known me for some time, many will know of my love of a little horror con in my hometown that started in 2011 called Shock Stock. Put together by two of the greatest scumbags (it’s a term of endearment) on the face of the Earth, Shock Stock had a bit of a rocky start with low attendance the first year. Not to be deterred, the two figureheads of the event, and two guys I am proud to call friends, Jake Grimbro and James Bialkowski, soldiered on and now Shock Stock is considered one of the greatest horror cons in all of Canada, and certainly the greasiest! I am privileged to be able to release some information about the forthcoming 2016 edition, as well as details on how you can submit your films for consideration for the Shock Stock Film Festival!

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Deadhouse Special: Shock Stock 2015

You may recall last year around this time the site went into somewhat of a Shock Stock mania. I did interviews with both of the scumbags running the show, Jake Grimbrother (Deadhouse Interview here) and James ‘Bilo’ Bialkowski (Deadhouse Interview here). If you know me in any way, shape or form, you would know that Shock Stock is my favorite weekend of the year. Launched in 2011 by everyone’s favorite Canadian scumbags, the event has been steadily growing in size since the inaugural show. Always making sure there is an eclectic grouping of guests that blends underground cult favorites with more well-known guests, and this year looks to be no different, but we will get to that shortly. Shock Stock also has a great track record of fantastic events that take place during the weekend. Back in 2011, a special screening of The Evil Dead with almost the complete cast in attendance was a smashing success. The following year in 2012, there was a one-two punch of a screening of Demons with both the lovely Geretta Geretta and Tony The Pimp himself, Bobby Rhodes in attendance. Then the following night was an event that anyone lucky enough to be in London, Ontario and attending would never forget. The almighty Goblin (the incarnation featuring Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini) played a live show for the first time in North America in 30 years. Having attended, I can tell you with absolutely no hyperbole, it truly was a magical night.

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Deadhouse Interview: Shock Stock Co-Founder James ‘Bilo’ Bialkowski

As a follow up to our special interview with Jake Grimbrother, the co-founder of Shock Stock, it only seemed appropriate that the next Deadhouse Interview be with his partner in crime, the toe crackin’ master himself, James “Bilo” Bialkowski.

If you’ve ever met the man, you know of his craziness, and for those of you who don’t….well, you’re in for a treat. Consider this part two of our Shock Stock coverage, which will more than likely include some recaps of this year’s forthcoming events. I may try and throw some other ideas around, but in the meantime, let’s get to the man they call Bilo.

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Deadhouse Interview: Shock Stock Co-Founder Jake Grimbrother

Fiends and ghouls, today we have something a little different. As horror fans it is quite obvious that we are a passionate bunch when it comes to our beloved genre. There are few better examples of this than the horror convention. Think about the concept. You get anywhere from dozens to hundreds of fans of the macabre and blood and guts, throw them into a building together with vendors shilling their same love, actors and directors that are beloved by these same fans, and let them loose for a weekend of debauchery. Some of these conventions have become more about the corporate image or just taking advantage of horror lovers’ wallet.

I have not had the privilege of attending many different cons due to my geographical location as well as financial problems, but there does seem to be certain ones that are universally beloved (Cinema Wasteland, HorrorHound Weekend) and ones that the fans have steadily turned their backs on due to the aforementioned wallet-hungry corporate shills (Festival Of Fear). Then there is Shock Stock, the annual weekend of horror and grindhouse loving, VHS trading and other things that can’t really be mentioned here. I have absolutely no issue telling fans of the site that Shock Stock is usually the best weekend of any given year for a fan such as myself. From the familiar faces over the years (shout out to Ron Mackay from Troma!) to the always friendly guests who seem relieved with the more laid back vibe that the show offers compared to similar events.

As a big fan of the weekend’s festivities, and with the Deadhouse starting to gain a following, it seemed natural that to help promote this year’s event, an interview with co-founder Jake Grimbrother was in order. I met Jake several years ago through him running Vagrancy Films with his cohort and the other half of the Shock Stock equation, James Bialkowski. Over the years we have become what one might say friends, and I have a deep respect for both Jake and James for what they have been accomplished with Vagrancy and Shock Stock.

So without further a due, allow yourselves to get a little taste of the madness that is Jake Grimbrother.

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