DeadTube: Evil Brain Taste Show Off Their “Terinator”

You may remember way back in the infancy of The Deadhouse that I did a Stereo Terror review of Dead Dead Bad, from horror death-metal group Evil Brain Taste. Well, now the group is back with a new video and a new album for you to consume!

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Stereo Terror: Evil Brain Taste – Dead Dead Bad

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) Zombies Ate My Brains
3) Have You Ever Tasted Brains?
4) Candle Lit Shit
5) (Back From The Dead)
6) Hello I Want To Kill You
7) Those Whose Bodies Are Subject To Decay
8) Everything Decays
9) Rotting Fox
10) The Taste Remains
11) The Taste Of Evil Brains
12) Zombies
13) Never Forget The Taste

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