Silver Screams: Martyrs (2015)

Release Year

Directed By
Kevin Goetz
Michael Goetz

Written By
Mark L. Smith

Troian Bellisario
Bailey Noble
Kate Burton
Caitlin Carmichael
Melissa Tracy
Romy Rosemont
Toby Huss
Elyse Cole
Ever Prishkulnik
Blake Robbins
Taylor John Smith

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Deadhouse Interview: Ted Geoghegan

Photo by Daniel Bergeron

Set for release in Canada on October 13th, We Are Still Here is the directorial debut of Ted Geoghegan. Having been involved in the horror genre for well over a decade, Geoghegan has been involved in writing such films as Demonium and Sweatshop as well as making small acting cameos in Hatchet III and Sharknado 2: The Second One. After so many years amongst the genre, Geoghegan finally climbed behind the camera to direct We Are Still Here, a film that he also wrote. The film is currently available in the US, and Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada is releasing the film here in the Great White North. It is currently available in digital format, with the release of DVD and Blu-Ray set for next week on October 13th. I had a chance to exchange an email with Ted to talk about We Are Still Here, including influences, as well as having some well-known genre stalwarts such as Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden in the cast. I am happy to present the newest Deadhouse Interview with Ted Geoghegan!
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