Survivor Series: Friday The 13th – The Final Chapter

Release Year

Directed By
Joseph Zito

Written By
Barney Cohen

E. Erich Anderson
Judie Aronson
Kimberly Beck
Peter Barton
Joan Freeman
Crispin Glover
Corey Feldman
Lawrence Monoson
Camilla More
Carey More
Ted White
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Deadhouse Interview: Ari Lehman of First Jason

The Deadhouse has always had its main focus on horrorpunk and horror movies since the beginning. While these two mediums always have some crossover, never is it more evident than with Ari Lehman. As both an actor and musician, Lehman has attacked the genre from both angles with success. It’s actually becoming a point to be more familiar with Lehman for his musical endeavors more so than his brief exploits in Crystal Lake.

Given the cross audience that is shared between The Deadhouse and Lehman‘s projects, it seemed like a no brainer that our paths would eventually cross. So without further a due, the newest Deadhouse Interview with the one and only, Ari Lehman!

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