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Tag: Lycanimator

DeadTube 0

DeadTube: Mike Trebilcock Spawns A Lycanimator!

You can’t really go wrong when you get a great horror-based song thrown together with some great low-budget horror flick scenes!

Horror 2

Stereo Terror: Sematary Spawn – Music For Maniacs Vol. 1 EP

Do you ever miss those old incredible 80s slasher movie soundtracks that somehow have gone onto live a life of their own, like Dokken doing “Dream Warriors” for A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors, or hell, the entirety of what I still consider the best movie soundtrack in existence, Return Of The Living Dead. Well fiends and ghouls, you are not alone. Sematary Spawn takes us back almost to a moment in time when these types of albums and theme songs were the norm, and does one hell of a job in doing so.