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Tag: Psycho Billy

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Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: The Brainiax – Rock N’ Roll Lobotomy

Creeping out of the Batcave, Rock N’ Roll Lobotomy by The Brainiax might be running away with Psychobilly album of the year! From the opening riff through to the last chord ring out this album had me HOOKED from start to finish with its clicky upright bass and surf-inspired riffage.

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Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: Teenage Exorcist – Year Of The Witch

Out of the swamps of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes Teenage Exorcist! Consisting of Matt Sprinkles (Guitar/vocals), Chris Wilson (Drums), Adam Boatright (Upright bass/vocals), and Matt Kalsnes (Guitar), these gents have released a brand spankin’ new EP titled Year of the Witch which is sure to make their psychobilly compatriots both very proud… and envious! There is a ton of musical talent and creative writing in this 5-track banger.