Deadhouse Interview: Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians

shadow morticians

As a site that focuses on the world of horror, specifically movies and horrorpunk music, it was always my intent to use this as a platform to help spread the word amongst the masses. While this will apply to films as well, it is certainly more imperative when it comes to the horrorpunk scene. While horrorpunk fans are certainly some of the most passionate fans you will ever meet, it is a genre that generally does not reach outside of the community. If I am able to get even one person to go out and check out some of these bands, then I consider that a great success. These bands are some of the hardest working people you could ever encounter, and definitely deserve the recognition that can at times allude them.

I have had the privilege of being Facebook friends with the awesome Shadow Windhawk for a few years now, and I have been able to witness through that his growth from being in DieMonsterDie to his solo project, right through to his current project Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians. I feel very honored to have been given an advance copy of their debut, the Casket Spray EP for review, and moving forward it seemed appropriate that the very first interview for the site would be with Mr. Windhawk. I was then informed that since the whole band is so excited and passionate about the project, that this interview had been expanded to being with the whole band. So without further a due, I present to you the first ever interview conducted by Mister Gore’s Deadhouse!
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