Mass HyStereo Chapter Seven

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid fire fashion, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Stereo Terror: S.H.O.U.T. – Satan’s Hellraisers Of Underground Terror


Release Year

Track Listing
1) O.M.G. V
2) Goin’ Down (In Flames Tonight)
3) Five Cuts From The Dead
4) Rock Till I’m Dead
5) The Devil’s Squared
6) Dead
7) He Keeps Coming Back (From The Dead)
8) Hellish Halloween
9) Leave It All Behind,,
10) Killer On The Loose
11) Wicked Tonight
12) The Dead End V

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