Deadhouse Special: Silent Horror’s Brendall Rector Talks New Songs

It’s certainly been a turbulent year for Silent Horror. Resurfacing last year with ex-Blitzkid bassist/vocalist Argyle Goolsby, the band released a self-titled album made up of previous material with the new line-up (you can check out our Stereo Terror review here). This line-up was not long for the world and soon enough the band would be unveiling another line-up change, and unleashing three brand new songs to go with it. Now featuring longstanding members Brandall Rector on drums & backing vocals and Brent Hajny on guitars and backing vocals, the band also welcomed back original member Matt Kerley into the fold, handling bass duties, and finally new member Austin Price as lead vocalist. I’ve been lucky enough to speak with Brandall regarding the new songs they have put together and will be appearing on a forthcoming full-length album. Check after the break for his thoughts on the songs, as well as the songs themselves!

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Stereo Terror: Silent Horror – Silent Horror

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Son Of Frankenstein
2) Drink Of Your Blood
3) The Tingler
4) Carnival Of Souls
5) Violent Side
6) Paranormal
7) Grindhouse Ride
8) Wolfsbane
9) Bride To Be
10) Evil Dead
11) Teenage Homicide
12) Equilibrium
13) Giant Monsters
14) Beware
15) Mr. Brooks
16) Wretched I Am
17) Chainsaw
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