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Stereo Terror: Romero’s Nation – Punk Rock Zombies

Hailing from Arkhangelsk Romero’s Nation was formed in 2008 and has had a few releases over the years, but the band came together to release a brand new LP just as 2017 drew to a close. The aptly titled Punk Rock Zombies gives you an idea of what the band is bringing to your earholes from the title, and once you crack into the album you are treated to some awesome old-school sounding horrorpunk!

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Stereo Terror: Suicide Ghouls – Heartland Horror

As so many bands in the genre happen to go, it seemed they went the way of Jerry Only’s intergrity. Then just a few days ago I received a message from Mr. Toxic himself insisting I head on over to Spotify and look around. To my great delight, it appears that The Suicide Ghouls are back with a new album, chock full of 15 tracks of their signature take on the genre.

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Stereo Terror: Rise From Your Grave – Arise

2017 has been a damned good year for horrorpunk, arguably even better than the past few years which have all been pretty solid in their own right. Whether it be just more bands or the more easily accessible methods to discover them with Bancamp and social media, I am never at any shortage of bands to check out and consider for review. One of the newest bands I’ve recently come across are Rise From Your Grave out of Pittsburgh, PA.

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Stereo Terror: The House Of Haunt – Habeas Corpses

Based out of the seventh circle of Hell (also known as Toronto, Ontario) The House Of Haunt are one of the few bands keeping the world of horror music alive in the Ontario region. For me personally, I had heard the name being rumbled around but sadly never got around to giving the band a chance until earlier this year when I was able to see the band live opening for Argyle Goolsby And The Roving Midnight in Toronto along with The Cryptkeeper Five. To say I became an immediate fan would be an understatement as I told guitarist/vocalist Fang following their performance

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Stereo Terror: Siblings Of Samhain – Dark, Dead And Deranged EP

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a Deadhouse Interview with the new UK acoustic horrorpunk act Siblings Of Samhain, which you can check out here. And now, due to being way ahead of schedule with their recording, the band has unleashed their debut EP over a month early for everyone to get their hands on. The question is, with so many acoustic acts flooding the scene, do Siblings Of Samhain have something on their hands that is worth listeners seeking out?

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Stereo Terror: Jess-O-Lantern – Bare Bones

Earlier this year, I took a look at the 2016 release from the lovely and talented Jess-O-Lantern, Rest In Pumpkins (check out the Stereo Terror review here) so I was absolutely thrilled to get an advanced look at her new album, the appropriately titled Bare Bones. As Jess herself informed me, this was a full return to basics, with the album consisting of just her and her guitar, making the album feel more authentic to her style and live performances.

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Stereo Terror: The Fiendish Phantoms – The Fiendish Phantoms

Mixing traditional horrorpunk with death rock and other influences, The Fiendish Phantoms out of Wisconsin have just released their first self-titled LP, with 10 songs running the gamut of styles and putting their own spin on things. The four-piece band, consisting of The Nightstalker on vocals, Oliver “The Caretaker” Collins on guitar, Dr. Decon I. Bel on bass and rounded out by Beefy The Butcher on drums, sing of many traditional troupes of the genre, from serial killers to classic figures.

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Stereo Terror: The Prople – Revenge

Following up on our recent Splatter Panels review of Revenge, it’s time to take a look at the musical accompaniment, and the true main course of the horrorpunk meal. The Prople’s Revenge features 15 tracks from the Florida trio, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Markky Karloff (who also wrote and illustrated the comic), bassist and vocalist Kari Frankenstein (who assisted in the coloring of the comic) and drummer/vocalist Nelses Month. So after reading the appropriately batshit insane comic, how does the album stack up?

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Stereo Terror: Energy – Under The Mask

While Under The Mask only contains six songs, each song hits the right marks while never really repeating itself. Opening track “The Witching Hour” really sets the tone for what is to follow. The title track comes at a slower pace but is anchored by a great hook. Following a short instrumental in “The Shape Retreats” the EP really hits its stride.

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Stereo Terror: Bat Signal – Straight Out Of Midnight

A beautiful thing about music is how universal of a language it is. And this is no different for horrorpunk. As I was doing my usual perusal of the web looking for new bands to check out, I recently stumbled across Straight Out Of Midnight, the debut full-length from Greece’s Bat Signal. After listening to the opening track “Silent Days” I was hooked and decided to give the rest of the album a shot and see how it holds up in today’s horrorpunk scene.