Stereo Terror: Al B. Damned – Acoustic Nightmares Vol. 1

Release Date

Track Listing
1) Overture (The Nightmare Begins)
2) Scream Come True
3) From Transylvania With Love
4) B-Movie Monster
5) Are You Proud Of Me Now?
6) This Grave Of Mine
7) Drink The Blood
8) All The B-Movies
9) Life In Space
10) Die Screaming Marianne
11) Look Who’s Stalking
12) Creeping Beauty Part 2
13) Broken Dolls

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Stereo Terror: Al B. Damned – For Old Time’s Stake

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Good To Be Bad
2) Scream Come True
3) Drink The Blood
4) Home Is Where The Haunt Is
5) Look Who’s Stalking
6) Exorsister
7) Modified
8) Never Sleep Again
9) Life In Space
10) End Of The Line
11) Creeping Beauty Part 2
12) You Are What We Eat
13) Mommy

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Deadhouse Interview: Al B. Damned

I should start by making a confession… When I first started The Deadhouse back at the end of 2013, I never expected it would afford me some of the opportunities that it has. The point of launching the site initially was to give me a chance to write which has long been a passion of mine, while also helping spread the word about these hardworking bands that deserved recognition. While horror movies, books and television shows are also covered, the focus has always been on the world of horrorpunk. As the site gained notoriety I’ve been able to get in touch with several artists that I’ve long admired. Last year I was able to do an interview with Argyle Goolsby, one of the men behind Blitzkid, my all-time favorite band. And now I have had the opportunity to do an interview with the one and only Al B. Damned, who is a close number two behind only Blitzkid for myself.

So without further a due, and to help promote the upcoming March release of For Old Time’s Stake, here is our exclusive interview with Al B. Damned!

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