The Premiere Of Deadhouse Radio!


Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome to the first of many, the premiere of Deadhouse Radio! Head on over past the break to stream the first episode!

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DeadTube: Krampusnacht Gift From The Tomb Of Nick Cage!


Most horror fans know the folklore legend of Krampusnacht, and while I know we are a day late celebrating here at The Deadhouse I wanted to share a little gift for all of you naughty fiends and ghouls from our friends in The Tomb Of Nick Cage! Click on through and check out the debut of the new single “Krampusnacht!”

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The Deadhouse Presents…


Greetings fiends and ghouls. Your friendly neighborhood Mister Gore here with an absolutely huge announcement.

The Deadhouse launched in December of 2013. Since then, my goal has always been to spread the word of horrorpunk music. There is no denying it is a niche market, but I feel over the years that we have been successful at the very least in helping bands covered get their music to new ears. Now, with the help of my friends Tom from The Mutant Members Only Club and Dom from The Bastards, an idea I have been batting around for a while is becoming a reality. Click through for all the details of The Deadhouse Presents Cuts From The Slab!!!

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