Stereo Terror: Suicide Ghouls – Heartland Horror

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Creepy Little Things
2) Burning Times
3) Outbreak
4) God Bless Us
5) Quiero Tu Sangre
6) Batlike
7) Annabelle Lee
9) Wolfsbane
10) Fronkenstein
11) The Pumpkin King
12) Laurie
13) Teen Witch
14) The Thing
15) I Hate Punk Rock

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Deadhouse Interview: Tyler Toxic of The Suicide Ghouls

While the horrorpunk genre is certainly one bonded with the underground, there is definitely no shortage of bands within it. And as with any genre, whether it be music, film, literature or anything really, there are obviously good ones and ones that aren’t so good. Thankfully, our beloved genre of music has more good than bad. And one of those great bands is Ohio’s own The Suicide Ghouls.
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