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Stereo Terror: Wolfman And The Brimstone Boys – Safe Space

It’s no secret that Wolfman Chuck has been a long-time supporter of my work here on The Deadhouse. Just click his name there and you will see I’ve done numerous reviews and an interview with the man, so when I was presented with the opportunity to check out his newest project, backed by a full band with a more metal edge to the music, I jumped at the opportunity. I won’t lie here, I was also privy to some of the demos as this long gestating project came to be, so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect. But even with that knowledge I had no idea how great Safe Space would turn out. Hell, it may be the best work the man has ever done!

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Stereo Terror: Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom Meets Swearwolf

The undisputed king of ukulele horrorpunk, Wolfman Chuck, has been featured here on The Deadhouse many times in the past. Just check out this link to see all the man’s coverage here. The man just never seems to stop and is always involved in the scene in some capacity. A recent up and comer in the same vein as Chuck has emerged from the Florida area, Swearwolf. So it only seemed appropriate that the two would cross paths, and that has led to this eight track split, featuring four tracks from each artist alternating throughout the track list. So how did the two ukulele bad boys do putting together their efforts?